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Guitar Lessons

Are you ready to be “in the band”? OCMA’s Band Workshop class will teach you the practical performance skills necessary in order to play in a band. Students involved with the program will be able to develop a song repetoire and perform throughout the year with their own band at OCMA’s many performance opportunities throughout the year!

What is this class?

  • A performance based full band class
  • Focusing on the practical performance skills necessary to play with a band
  • An opportunity to apply what you are learning in private lessons in a group situation

Band Workshop Class:

  • Bands develop a 45 minute set of music
  • Record a demo, at OCMA
  • Band develops a bio and promotional package
  • OCMA works with you to set-up performances at local clubs and venues
  • Bands have opportunity to perform at OCMA concerts!

To learn more about our “School of Rock” Band Workshop programs click here.

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