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Rock Shows

Our near famous "Rock Concert Nights" give students the chance to perform on stage in front of hundreds of people and experience what it feels like to be in a real band. These concerts are designed to feel like the real thing and quite honestly are even more! Concert Nights are fully produced, featuring the best sound, stage and lighting equipment available.

OCMA students choose songs they would like to perform and are grouped accordingly into bands. Our talented student bands then perform anything from current Rock and Roll and Top 40 to Punk, Blues, Jazz and Classic Rock. Our goal is to expose our students and audiences to many different genres of music, while giving students self confidence and memories that will last forever.

In our opinion, having performance opportunities in this type of setting is just as important as individual music instruction. Playing with others is a vital skill that can only be learned if given this opportunity. OCMA instructors coach student bands during group rehearsals and teach them how to play together and work as a team.

Most musicians that are starting out never get the chance to be on stage under the lights and do not know what it feels like to perform with a band or to an audience. For many musicians, playing on stage is a dream that is never realized. At OCMA we work hard to make that dream a reality.


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