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“We love OCMA. Three of my four children have or are taking music lessons at OCMA. When my oldest son decided he wanted to learn to play the Bass guitar, I diligently researched several music schools. We chose OCMA because of their top quality instructors. We stay because the kids love it. I like that I don't have to nag my children to practice. They are very motivated to learn, because they are learning songs they want to play. They look up to and hope to emulate their instructors. And they can actually play the songs they learn!”

“Another big plus at OCMA is the opportunity they give the kids to actually perform. I'm not talking your boring piano recitals here, but actual shows that feel like a concert or coffee house performance. Most recently my children performed 'That Old Time Rock and Roll' at the Block of Orange. We had Tom on Bass, Bo on guitar and Danny on drums. They were paired with an additional guitarist and a vocalist who were also OCMA students. It was a great event, enjoyed by all.”

-Jeanine Wolfe, Parent


“Two of my kids and also my husband have taken classes at OCMA. The teachers are very informative and patient. One of my sons started with drum lessons which ignited an interest to learn guitar also. My other son plays the bass. At his grammar school he had tried violin and cello but playing those instruments was a burden to him. The classes at OCMA have taught him to enjoy playing the bass guitar. He looks forward to his OCMA class.”

“My husband played guitar for over twenty years. After watching our sons’ progress, he took a few classes just to get another viewpoint since he was self-taught. The teachers are musicians themselves and are in different bands. They give practical advice and take a very positive approach to teaching. Sometimes for fun I will sit in during one of my son's lessons. I enjoy listening to their dialogue about the music, beats and rhythms. It is not just the teachers giving information, but there is an exchange of ideas between the students and the teachers. I am impressed at how the teachers relate to the kids without talking down to them.

Last but not least I need to mention that the students have the opportunity to play in front of an audience. They have performed at the Orange County Fair and various local festivals. Their involvement with OCMA classes has helped them gain confidence and pride through their music. It has certainly given them a positive outlet. I am thankful that this is such a good school (and so are the neighbors when they hear the kids practicing)!”

-Deborah Benson, Parent


“My two children, Jill 8 years and Josh 7 years are students of OCMA. Josh plays the drums and piano and Jill plays the piano. It all started with a movie “School of Rock”. After seeing that movie both of my kids wanted to perform. We choose this school for 3 reasons. 1) The atmosphere is calm and casual. 2) The instructors are young and enjoy working with kids. 3) The kids enjoy playing music they like within their skill level. OCMA’s instructors are performers themselves and give a lot of energy when teaching my kids. In my opinion this school is as close to a “School of Rock” as we can get. My kids never want to miss a lesson.”

“P.S. Several of our friends have become students based on our recommendation.”

-Julie Hirsh, Parent


“I have been a student at OCMA for 2 years now. I take drum and piano lessons. I like my teachers, they are nice and let me choose the music I want to play. My piano teacher introduced me to Jazz music and I started to like playing the piano again. I especially liked performing on drums at the Block at Orange this year. It was very cool!”

-Josh Hirsh, Student (age 8)


“I like taking piano lessons at OCMA because the teachers are very nice and you have more of a variety of songs. I get to play what I like. I have been with my piano teacher going on 2 years and I really like her. I enjoy performing in front of my friends and family. It’s fun!”

-Jill Hirsh, Student (age 7)


“My daughter, Summer has been with OCMA since 2004. The private classes are taught by well-qualified and very personable teachers who teach to bring out the best in their students. Having come from an “old school” type musical instruction, my fear was that she would soon become bored, never practice, and eventually just quit. But, because of her teachers, the coffee house performance nights, the voice recitals, and Concert nights at the ‘Block of Orange’, Summer has an interest in music that I believe will last a lifetime.”

“The experience she has acquired through OCMA has helped in her pursuit of a career in music and acting. Summer has auditioned and gotten parts for television shows, commercials, movies, and theatres, not only because of the training here, but because of the confidence OCMA has instilled in her.”

“ Summer started OCMA to become a better karaoke singer, now she has found a passion for music & the arts, and is well on her way to fulfilling her dreams. Thanks!”

-Joanne Ines, Parent


“My son has been a member of OCMA for four years. We signed him up for electric guitar lessons when he was six years old. To our surprise, within his second lesson, he was already playing a song that he knew from one of his favorite bands! The teachers in this program are dedicated, professional and patient. They encourage the kids to perform whether it is in a small venue, like a coffee house or in front of hundreds of people at the Orange County Fair or Block of Orange. My son enjoys it so much that he constantly is picking up his guitar to make up his own songs! I like the fact that it’s not a struggle to get him to practice and that he is playing songs that he wants to play in addition to learning the fundamentals of music.”

“Being a student at OCMA has brought my son out of his shell. He now loves to perform at every event OCMA puts on as well as performing in his school talent show. With four years under his belt he really has grown as a guitarist that now his teacher has guided him into singing AND playing in concerts! I believe in OCMA so much that my younger son who is six has also signed up for drums and just recently performed at the Block of Orange. Who knows…..I’m tempted to sign up as well!”

-Carrie Huber, Parent


“I would recommend the Orange County Music Academy because of it’s commitment to teaching music. Our experience has always been a positive one because of the exceptional staff, one on one instruction, and an overall sense of caring between the student and teacher.”

“Our son, Jared, has been a student at the Orange County Music Academy for over 2 ½ years and has made great strides in learning piano. His instructor, creates a fun environment while challenging his abilities with each lesson. As a result, he looks forward to his lessons each week as well as the bi-annual recitals.”

“I would strongly recommend the Orange County Music Academy to any parent or child interested in pursuing music in the North Orange County area.”

-Michael and Sherri Locke, Parents


“I like the Orange County Music Academy because my teacher is nice and she is always patient with me. I also like that she is always there every Monday to teach me how to play piano. She makes it easy to ask questions when I don’t understand something, and is always there to help me at all of my recitals.”

-Jared Locke, Student (age 8)


“OCMA has provided a wonderful learning environment for our children. They have many opportunities for our children to perform and excel in the arts. Most of all, they have fun while refining their musical skills.”

-John & Christine Scaringe, Parents


“When our son wanted to start playing guitar, all I knew was that I wanted him to be able to learn well enough so that he could pick up any sheet music and play if someone asked him. I was so pleased when we started our son at OCMA because we found that not all music lessons are the same. OCMA is the only one that we’ve tried that teaches those music fundamentals, but also makes the learning fun. In addition, the concerts and recitals they plan are at “real” venues that give the kids a chance to showcase their talents and confidence.”

“We tried several other places before finding OCMA and we haven’t looked back.
Our son, Jake, learned more in his first month at OCMA than he learned in nine months at one of the other music studios. People are always commenting on his talent and we must credit it to OCMA’s teaching style for his growing abilities.”

“It’s inspiring to go to a business where all the people working there love what they are doing--OCMA has that. The teachers are professional, friendly and every one of them seems to love what they are doing. Thanks to OCMA and its entire staff for not only making music lessons such an enjoyable experience for our son but growing his gifts and confidence as well! We can’t highly recommend OCMA enough!”

-Tom & Eileen McMullen, Parents


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